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   10 Most Corrupt*

 Russian Media Personalities List

  Moscow - New York, March 23, 2009.

1. Vladimir Solovyov - NTV

2. Alexander Khinshteyn -      Moskovskiy Komsomolets

3.  Andrey Karaulov - TVC

4. Gleb Pyanikh 

5.  Vyacheslav Mostovoy

6.  Aleksey Pimanov

7. Mark Deytch

8. Oleg Lourye

9. Eduard Petrov

10. Aleksey Pushkov


* cor┬Ěrupt  (k-rpt)

1. Marked by immorality and perversion; depraved.
2. Venal; dishonest: a corrupt mayor.
3. Containing errors or alterations, as a text: a corrupt translation.
4. Archaic Tainted; putrid.



The groundbreaking survey was taken in February 2009 by telephone polling of 200 media and PR professionals in Moscow and St.Petersburg - two key media markets in Russia.
Each participant was assured of the anonymity of his/hers entries and prompted to provide three names of most corrupt media personality with explanations. Definition of the adjective 'corrupt' was taken from from the open WWW source -
Although the final list ended up with more than 20 name entries, only ten were left based on relevancy, damage to the public interest and repetition.
While most of the participants agreed with the proposed definition the majority also indicated strong inclination to focus on the lack of journalism integrity in media personalities they named. Most of respondents also noted the high toll the society has to pay being subjected to brainwashing on behalf of Russian tycoons, shadowy organized crime bosses and local bureaucrats by those entrusted to reach millions of viewers and listeners. It is no surprise that the majority of the names on the list represent broadcast  media.

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